Levaplus Technology is
commited to provide high quality services to our customers
1, Joint development:
Thanks to our strong teams in the fields of Industrial design and R&D,  Levaplus is particularly good at  market research , differentiation, and  latent demand. In addition, we also focus on design details, and promise that we provide high quality services so as to assure the more satisfactory collaboration.
2. Product design:
Levaplus especially attaches great importance to the design details, firmly believing that product value deeply rooted in each stage of product design. Our outstanding professional design team is competent to provide omni-bearing professional technical support and create values for customers in respect of industrial design, structure design, User interface, circuit design, packaging, process reliability, and cost etc.
3, Prototype fabrication:
Levaplus is able to fabricate high-precision appearance & structure prototype and evaluate the solutions through rapid prototyping, which allows us to effectively iterate and refine our vision before mass production, thereby reduce the cost of the research and development!  . We are in condition to process a variety of materials like ABS, PC, PP, PMMA, silica gel, aluminum and other metals, surface treatment in various ways based on your requirements, and provide suggestions and advice regarding your structure issues.